Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY: Wall Decor

At this point in my life I am all about the DIY home decor projects. I don't have the money to run to Target and spend $200 on stuff for my walls. 

I am always looking for ways to fill the empty space on my walls for an affordable price, which brings me to my latest DIY project for my bedroom: Three fabric covered canvases to go over my bed. 

What you will need (everything will be at Michaels if you have one close by):

1) Your canvases, I recommend going with increments of three (three with larger canvases and six for smaller ones). Take a trip to Michaels and see which canvas size you like best. I am using 18" x 24".

2) Light duty staple gun:

3) Light duty staples:

4) Your fabric: I went with a gray and white chevron fabric to match my gray duvet, but the options are endless! Set aside 1 1/2 to spend in Joann Fabrics, you will be in there for awhile! 

Before you buy your fabric, decide on how many canvases you want to cover, so you can measure accordingly. I recommend getting extra (1/2 yard or so) just incase you mess up. 

Start by laying out your canvas on the fabric to get ready to cut. Make sure there is enough room on all four sides so you can staple to the back of the canvas (I usually eye ball about an inch and a half). 

Start by folding the fabric over and stapling the long sides of the canvas, this way you can pull the fabric so that it's tight over the canvas. Then move to the shorter sides, making sure you pull those tight also. If you are using a pattern fabric, flip over occasionally while you are stapling to make sure the pattern is straight. 

Use two nails to hang each canvas evenly and you're done! You have an inexpensive and adorable wall decor piece! 

My three canvases above my bed!